Background and Philosophy

Our 20+ years in the industrial marketplace have been both enjoyable and rewarding. Initial fundamentals gained in engineering, sales and marketing during tenures with Dupont, OxyChem, General Electric, Yokogawa, Eurotherm Drives and Eurotherm Gauging were irreplaceable.

In April of 1993, we formed Measurement and Control Solutions, Inc. The concept was to create a corporate entity where past personnel experiences with various measurement and control technologies would provide value and efficiencies for our industrial customer control system supply needs. The concept proved successful and has led to an installed base of over 200 customers in New England alone and lasting relationships that we will always value.

Whether our customer is a distributor, a system integrator, an original equipment manufacturer or an end user, we provide application experience for the sales channels we service and are respectful of all customer-client relationships and project confidentialities.

We prioritize taking the time to intently listen and ask questions to appreciate the context of each client inquiry. Be it a component part need, a nagging process control problem, a plant wide automation agenda, or a service need; we treat a customer problem as our own. After we understand the customer issue, we either solve it at hand or enlist the appropriate business partner to provide the required expertise that offers the most effective solution.


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