Data Management Systems

The different measurement and control systems on a single line can produce a daunting amount of data for a manufacturer to digest into useful quality and production information. Standard roll quality management software is now available for paper, converting, metals, and other roll goods manufacturers. This comprehensive suite of client/server software applications allows for data archival, jumbo or slit roll number retrieval and consolidation of today's sophisticated process, web inspection and gauging systems data

These software applications enable operators, lab personnel, engineers, and managers with enhanced process visualizations of the enormous amount of roll-centric data that is generated by today's web measurement and control systems. Information about a specific roll can be ascertained by drilling down into a file browser that is roll number based. Software modules for consolidated roll quality profile/defect maps, slitting and trim management, lab validation, integration of production data with enterprise systems, and remote internet access are fully implemented at many users already.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is a widely-adopted protocol that enables real-time communications between devices without requiring custom drivers. An OPC Client can browse an existing legacy product’s tag database, subscribe to variable updates, and automatically receive data without polling. OPC products for integration of older systems with today‘s latest software systems also exist. For example there are written OPC products for older Measurex, NDC and Euotherm Gauging Systems that allow connection to SQL databases. These “Legacy Connect” products enable process control systems to be integrated with manufacturing information systems using robust "off-the-shelf" interface modules.

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