Drives Overview

Since our inception, Measurement and Control Solutions has teamed with Parker SSD Drives (formerly Eurotherm Drives) as their sales representative for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.

The drives market has changed dramatically over the years. Drives core electronics have evolved from analog to almost exclusively digital. Applications that were extensively DC drives are now best suited for precise, cost effective, energy efficient, AC vector control. Multi-drive control communications standards offer higher speeds, with greater data bandwidth and improved deterministic peer-to-peer accuracies. Motor speed feedbacks can be measured in parts per million for a single motor revolution when required for precision applications. Less precise applications that required a motor mounted tachometer today need no feedback device for solid speed control performance. Drives incorporate Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control, analog and digital I/O, and application specific control macros for a host of industrial applications within drive resident firmware without the need for extra ancillary custom circuit boards of old. The internet has even come to drive systems with browser based diagnostic capabilities available for remote location access to process information.

Energy conservation is now a very important factor in drive/motor selection. Large energy rebates await those that make the correct drive and motor choices. In New England alone, energy services are a growing $240 million annual business. Rebate programs provide funding that can reduce the total drive project installation costs from 30% to 80%, depending upon the project type and location. There are great energy savings to be captured with upgrades to old eddy current clutches, motor generator sets. Even DC SCR to AC Vector drive conversions offers solid savings under the right operating conditions.

However, there still is truth to the statement that the more things change the more they remain the same. Several important factors have not changed in drive solutions. Manufacturers still want cost effective drives that start-up in a timely fashion, are reliable in their operation, offer sound diagnostic tools to address problems if they arise and are fully supported for years (not months). We still strongly support Parker SSD Drive comprehensive product line as the best fit for most all drive applications. The Parker SSD product coupled with local network of factory direct service engineers, third party sales and service organizations offers unmatched end-user support.

We provide drives as component parts or packaged drives for customers that have the engineering expertise to integrate and engineer their own finished systems. Conversely, we provide turnkey fully engineered projects for customers that want single source responsibility solutions – the choice is yours. We are delighted to work with you in the manner that you deem the most appropriate.