Operator Interfaces – HMIs

Operator interfaces for industrial processes take many forms. From standard discrete pushbuttons, meters and switches to computer based communication interfaces, all still have their place depending upon what needs to be accomplished. We work with customers to recommend what makes sense for the customer’s ergonomics as well as data acquisition and storage needs if required.

A very interesting HMI that bears investigation is Parker SSD’s TS8000 series. The TS8000 comes in several cost effective display sizes and resolutions. TS8000 comes standard with communications drivers for all current SSD Drives products, such as the 590+ DC Drive, 650v and 690+ AC Drives, 631/635/637 Servo Drives, Link2 products, and the 890 Drive system. Additionally, device drivers for most common PLC’s are included as standard. The TS8000 makes for an excellent low cost communications bridge between disparate protocols. The TS8000 has a full graphics editor package included as standard – there is no special software to purchase. The TS8000 offers both real-time trending, as well as historical data logging for process application enhancement. Logged files are stored in a common .CSV (comma separated variable) format to the optional CompactFlash card. CompactFlash card memory is expandable and data can be permanently stored. CompactFlash provides an easy method to clone, restore, and upgrade applications and can be purchased at most any local electronics store. Trending and logging functions are configured using TS8000’s DSI8000 software in a simple and easy to use manner. In addition, stored data is also accessible over the Web, by using a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer. You can also enable DSI8000’s Virtual Panel, a unique access and control feature, which allows a standard web browser to both view and control the TS8000’s display in realtime.

Product Brochure: Click here for “TS8000 HMI Touchscreen” PDF (3.5mb)