Web Gauging Systems

Web thickness measurement is most statistically accurate when obtained with an on-line gauging system solution. The extrusion, co-extrusion, coating, nonwovens, textile, rubber, abrasive, roofing and metal roll processes are all markets that that can benefit from on-line gauging. Improvements in product changeover times, scrap reduction, roll quality, product uniformity, shift repeatability, labor efficiencies and reduced material costs are all benefits of a typical gauging installation. We assist customers in choosing from a wealth of on-line product measurement and control capabilities that are offered today in gauging.

Sensor measurement technology can incorporate nuclear, non-nuclear, laser, infrared, and X-Ray options. The best choice depends upon the customer’s specific application requirements. Basis weight, caliper, percent binder, retained solvents, percent moisture, and other measurements are all possible.

Once a measurement is obtained, control can be applied to optimize the customer’s return on their gauging investment. Profile, machine direction, target management and other gauging controls may be incorporated easily within systems.

Central gauging processors now are normally a Windows based platform. Integration to most existing customer data systems can be managed expeditiously.

Please notify Measurement and Control Solutions of any gauging application that you may be interested in investigating. Whether it is a simple measurement only or a complex control system, we have systems expertise to assist you meet most any need.

Contact us and we will be happy to review your process.